If you were affected by the Easyjet Data Breach then you may be able to claim up to £2,0000

EasyJet Data Breach Compensation Claim

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Anyone who booked an EasyJet flight between October 2019 & March 2020 may have been affected.

On 19th May 2020, after waiting several months Easyjet Finally announced to the public that it had been the target of a sophisticated cyber security attack. This was a full four months after they had previously notified the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office of the EasyJet data breach.

Over 9 million customers in the United Kingdom had details of their name, email and travel details stolen. There were also over 2,000 more victims that had their passport and credit card details leaked in the 2020 Easyjet data breach. This incident has caused considerable distress and inconvenience for all those concerned.

Johnson Law Group is fighting back by launching a group action against Easyjet on behalf of all those affected and who wish to file an EasyJet data breach compensation claim. If you have received an email from EasyJet, then we can help you file a Easyjet data leak claim against EasyJet and fight for the airline data breach compensation you deserve.

We operate under the “NO WIN – NO FEE” agreement - with no upfront fees and no liability for our costs if we do not win your claim. This means that you will never pay anything out of your pocket if we do not win the case.

To Join the Data Breach claim all you need is your EasyJet Notification Email which was emailed sometime between April & July 2020.

Am I Eligible to Join the EasyJet Data Breach Compensation Claim?

After the data leak, EasyJet sent out over 9 million emails notifying everyone who had their data compromised. If you received the EasyJet Email that was sent between April and July 2020 then you are eligible to join the EasyJet compensation claim with the Johnson Law Group. .

The GDPR allows for people to claim for non-material damages, which means you do not need to have any direct financial loss in order to be eligible for compensation.

The Johnson Law Group is a Manchester based mass-tort and consumer litigation specialist law firm with a national reach. It is assisting victims of EasyJet data breach bring claims for compensation.

EasyJet Data Breach Compensation Claim FAQ

Who is eligible to file a claim?

If you received an email from EasyJet with a notification that your email was compromised in the EasyJet data breach, then you are eligible to file a claim with the Johnson Law Group. Even if you have not suffered any financial loss, you may still be eligible for compensation for the inconvenience and distress the airline data breach caused

You can see if you qualify by answering the question on the flight data leak claim evaluation.

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